Leadership 4.0: Leadership, Management and Self Management

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Leadership 4.0:
Leadership, Management and Self Management.

Successful executives think about the future of their company, set goals, make decisions, go ahead and act as a role model and motivator for their employees and team members.

What constitutes good leadership?
Some people seem to be born leaders. However, leadership qualities can be learned.

As a dedicated executive, you want to achieve your goals together with your team, motivate your employees and unlock and foster their potentials. You want to be prepared for challenging situations and find the right words in situations of change.
We teach, train and coach leadership and management skills:

  • Defining goals and achieving them with your team
  • Optimizing communication skills
  • Motivation of employees
  • Dealing with conflicts in the team
  • Identifying and developing the potential of employees
  • Conducting feedback discussions
  • Making decisions, communicating and acting confidently
  • Delegating projects and tasks
  • Encountering difficult situations with serenity
  • Steering employees successfully through changes
  • Being a role model through your own managing behavior

Leadership skills are taught in an interactive way, using a combination of theory and practice. Situations from your personal leadership experiences in everyday life are being analyzed and mirrored. This practical approach allows an optimal transfer of knowledge and behavior into the personal everyday routine. The effect of different skills can be tested directly in the professional everyday life.

Act as a successful executive and be a coach to your employees. Recognize your employees’ potentials and use them in a goal-directed manner, listen to your employees, give constructive feedback and optimistically deal with conflicts.

If you want to expand your leadership and management skills as an executive or want to integrate these skills into your management development program, please feel free to contact us.

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